The Letter I Should Have Sent


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Hey how ya doin? Im doin fine.
Picked up my shit for a long long time
Said so long, and Im gone, to reconnection
Cause I finally aligned my equilibrium
Although, I must insist, everythings still
The same way it was this time last year
Another December, another one night stand
That I could compare to you
But like I said, Im free, of the way I loathed
Being crazy and totally broke
Cause these plants, they work, I sware to you
Although they don’t avert the way the crumbling city looks

With glass blown luxury
For the 1st time I miss all the concrete
That gets in the way
Of all the trees we saw that day
when everything was wrong but totally okay
and we could still be friends

So yea, its Tuesday again And ive recalled the truth
That from my front window the city looks good
Clad in the armor of the people who want
to continue to rise as beauracracy falls
So hey, life’s okay, and I might to pay
A bit less to see my family someday
Cause a little means a lot this day in age
So I try real hard to live
Every day like it was the last
And every night like its broken glass
But I know im not immune to the fact that I might
Unravel a cycle of aimless insight

And everyone will think im sick
Cause im unstable, unable to explain why
I want to smoke myself to sleep
On Tuesdays like these
I wish we could pick up where we left off
24 hr window up the street


from I STATEMENTS, released September 7, 2015
Lyrics By Cristy Road



all rights reserved



THE HOMEWRECKERS are a queer-core/ pop-punk/ rock'n'roll outfit from the salty depths of Brooklyn, NY. Through song and dance; they fuck shit up in a stylish way.

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